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Faulty Tower

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, Ginger and Black Peppercorn Syrup, Lemon, Lime, Mint, Ginger Ale

Bees Knees

Oxley Gin, Infused Lavender Honey, Fresh Lemon Juice, with a Lemon Twist Garnish.

Cable Car

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Cointreau, lemon Juice, Sugar and Cinnamon Rimmed Glass, Orange Twist

Black Balled

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Vanilla Honey , Lemon Juice, Blackberries, Blueberries, and Black Walnut Bitters


Delirio Mezcal, Lemon and Lime Juice, Ginger Syrup, Agave, Red Bell Pepper, Cilantro, Chipotle Puree

Maple Old Fashioned

Larceny Bourbon or Templeton Rye, Maple Syrup, Angustura and Orange Bitters, with Luxardo Cherry and Orange Rind

Check Mate

Buffalo Trace Bourbon or Templeton Rye, Carpano Antica, House Made Vanilla Plum Syrup, Luxardo Cherry and Lemon Twist


Hangar One Vodka, Orgeat, Lemon Juice, Tri-Citrus Simple Syrup, Muddled Clementine Oranges, Thyme, Rosemary, Yuzu Bitters

Head in the Clouds

Bombay Saphire Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Creme de Violette, Fresh Lemon Juice, Topped with a St. Germain Foam and Rhubarb Bitters


El Jimador Tequilla, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Lemon and Lime Juice, Jalapeno Honey, Tajin Seasoned Rimmed Glass, Orange Wedge


Grey Goose Vodka, Lime Juice, Cinnamon Syrup, Angustura Bitters, Muddled Kumquats, Pomergranate Juice, Mint Bouquet Garnish

Sawed Off Shotgun

Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon, St. Elizabeth All Spice Dram, Chocolate Chip and Black Walnut Bitters, Topped with a Spiced Ale

Apples to Oranges

Bernheim Bourbon, fresh Grapefruit Juice, Cucumbers, Simple Syrup, Celery Bitters

Figure Between Sheets

Sailor Jerry Rum, Remy Cognac, Benedictine, Grand Marnier, House Made Fig and Vanilla Syrup, Lemon Juice, with a Flamed Orange Peel

Corn Whiskey

Hirsch Corn Whiskey

Corn Whiskey is the first, true American whiskey, with aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg

Soft Drinks


*corkage fee $10.00


Peanut brittle, toffee, and licorice

Glenlivet 12 Year

Flowery and peachy notes with vanilla. Delicate balance between sweetness and malty dryness

Glenlivet 15 Year

Cookie-like maltiness, cinnamon spiciness, and apple with a slightly bitter finish

Laphroaig 10 Year

Gentle waves of dry peat, but are balanced by a sweet malt middle

Dewars White Label

Flavors of sweet malt, spicy, ginger-dusted melon, with a slightly piney finish

McCallen 12 Year

Orange and light wood, glazed cookies, with just a hint of smoke

Glenfiddich 12 Year

Smooth, toasted nuttiness, almond, pear, a touch of cloves, with green apple finish

Glenfiddich 15 Year

Leathery, oaky, earthy, a bit of honey, cinnamon, cocoa, and mellow bananas

Oban 14 Year

Dried apricot, slightly sweet, with a hint of menthol, and ginger

Bourbon Whiskey

Jack Daniels

Smoky, with hints of cocoa, sweet caramel, and wood

Death’s Door

A sweet fruit and light grain nose, similar to a reposed tequila or pisco

Woodford Reserve

Smooth, with complex hints of mint, tobacco, leather, and fruit. Toffee and spice notes abound


Dry and smooth withvanilla and honey, with a nice oak finish

Baker’s 7 Year

Rye, fresh oak, vanilla, fudge, peanut brittle, and mature plums


Smooth and sweet in spite of the strength, spice, blackberry, burnt sugar, and light nut

Willet Bourbon

Buttered popcorn, vanilla, oak, barley, with a maple finish

Irish Whiskey


Citric, with notes of sherry, fudge, vanilla, and spice

Jameson 12 Year

Warm spice, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, with chocolate and sherry notes


Honey, butter, malt, grass, with a sharp and bitter edge


Lush, honeyed, and delicately malted, still hints of apple and grape

The Knot

Heavy with vanilla, caramel, and a syrupy sweetness

Rye Whiskey

*corkage fee $10.00

Rittenhouse Rye

Cocoa, candied orange peels, cinnamon, nutmeg, and is very spicy

Sazerac Rye

Sweet sugar on spicy rye, easy coating viscosity, and a hint of minty oak

Hudson Manhattan Rye

100% New Year Old rye, spicy nose, that opens to a mix of caramel and clover notes

Redemption Rye

Caramel with cinnamon and cloves, apples, herbal grassy element, and bay leaves

Bulliet Rye

Mild tobacco, cherry, buttery sweetness, and spicy characteristics