10543 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064 ~ Reservations: (310) 441-0441




LA Mag

Steingarten L.A. is bookending this weekend with two pretty stellar craft beer release events, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll make it to both. (Or at the very least, one of em.)



Looking for a new place to grab a brew on the Westside? I always am, and quite frankly the selection is limited. Oh don't get me wrong, I love me some Library Alehouse and Father's Office, but neither place is really great for watching a game, and we're right in the middle of NBA playoffs. The beer curve drops off considerably after those two.

Steingarten L.A. Chef's Choice Burger Presentation

The Burger Review

Fat Bruce Lee, Chi Burger, and I were idly hanging out at the world headquarters when the "red phone" rang. This could have meant one of two things. Either we were going to receive instructions to deploy the nukes, or one of the restaurants, which we had previously reviewed, was calling to ask us to re-sample an updated burger. Fortunately for all of us, it was the latter


LA Snark

I kinda hate myself for that title, but I’m sticking with it. Over the weekend my ladyfriend reminded me that she purchased a Groupon for Steingarten LA. We’d been there a couple times before, both times when it was raining. It’s a pretty zen experience, gazing out the front window at a rainy Pico Boulevard, sausage in one hand, Words With Friends in the other. It’s gotten to the point where I crave sausage every time it rains.



Near Fox Studios in Rancho Park, Abraham Berookhim planted a "California beer garden," with craft beer featured in a communal dining hall with a retractable skylight. The space also incorporates a back patio with a fire pit—a 20-foot wide art piece crafted from 360 tiles—and a full bar.


LA Weekly

We are, I think, living in the golden age of beer in Los Angeles, an era when nearly any malty craving, no matter how recondite, can be satisfied. Are you partial to monk-made Trappist ales? In some parts of town they are easier to find than Miller Lite.